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Este Vinho Verde Rosé 2011

After the wine tasting I had a small window of time in which to stop in to one of my favourite wine shops, Astor Wines on Lafayette Street. Loving the fact that I wouldn’t have to pay shipping charges, I picked up as many bottles as I could haul all the way back through the streets/subway/Amtrak to my house. As I was giddily scooping up multiple bottles under $10, I realized that I should pick up something to enjoy on the train ride home. I didn’t want to spend much since I had to keep it incognito and would be pouring it into my Poland Spring sparkling water bottle. I saw Este Vinho Verde Rosé 2011 on sale for $4, and knew that was the right choice for various reasons: I adore Vinho Verde, I have not seen a Vinho Verde Rosé in my local shops, and the fizz would look appropriate in my commandeered Sparkling water bottle.

Adega Cooperativa de Ponte DA Barca was founded in 1963 and is located in the valleys of the Lima and Vez Rivers. It consists of 1100 associates and about 849 hectares. The cooperative has been awarded many honors for their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Bright red-violet in colour with cherry jam on toast aromas, cherry, tart cranberry and traces of earth were backed by a lively fizziness, good acidity, and pleasantly dry finish. Simple, refreshing, wonderful for the hot days of summer, and quite a fabulous value at $4.

Vinho Verde blend
Vinho Verde
Bottled by Adega Cooperativa de Ponte DA Barca C.R.L.
10% Alcohol
Enjoy now

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