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De Lucia Greco Sannio 2011

Italy’s indigenous white wine grapes offer a voluminous range of choices that journey far beyond the well-known Pinot Grigio. With such a wide array of options, it’s such a wonderful feeling to know that there are always more out there to give a pour to. The lovely wine shop by sister’s house excels in its selection of the somewhat obscure grapes, and I had happily picked up two De Lucia bottles a few weeks back, their Fiano and Greco [Check out De Lucia Fiano 2010]. The De Lucia family has been growing grapes in southern Italy for many generations, Carlo De Lucia inherited the estate from his father, and now his sons assist him with running it. Carlo transformed the 35 acre estate from just providing grapes to cooperative wineries and large bottlers to producing their own estate wines. The buzz is that the De Lucia estate is one to keep an eye on since “in his very short time as a wine producer, he has already made great strides in quality and has raised Aglianico and Falanghina to the height of their expression”.

Deep golden yellow with aromas of honeysuckle and briny sea salt minerals. Straightforward with vivid flavours of red apple and clean vegetal notes that merge into sweet honey, stone minerals and traces of bitter almond in the crisp finish. Easy drinking, refreshing, and fantastic with fresh summer pestos, all sorts of vegetables and shellfish.

Greco [I could not confirm varietal percentage.]
Estate Bottled by Società Agricola Carlo De Lucia
13.5% Alcohol
Enjoy now

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