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Château de Roquefort Grêle Rosé 2012

My sister’s favourite Rosé of the year is Château de Roquefort Grêle Rosé 2012. She sent me the above picture informing me that when she arrived later that evening, we would be giving it a pour. [Unfortunately it is not in any of my local wine shops.] In 1995 Raimond de Villeneuve returned to his family’s vineyards and promptly elevated them from bulk wine status to biodynamic boutique vineyards. The estate consists of 62 acres, with the vineyards located at an altitude of 390 meters in the hollow of a rock which creates an amphitheater-like environment, retaining its own unique microclimate. Many of the vines are over 40 years old, with the remainder being between 15 and 40 years old. Constantly experimenting and striving to produce high quality, character driven wines, Raimond de Villeneuve has been proclaimed as “one of the finest winemakers in Provence”, and that his wines “possess a hedonistic character that will make you immediately rejoice”.

Grêle means “hail” and this bottle has a captivating and triumphant tale to tell. On July 1st 2012 a violent hailstorm destroyed the entirety of the estates vineyards, 100% of the grapes were lost. Neighboring growers and fellow winemakers were heart-struck by Villeneuve’s devastating loss, and began offering whatever they had, a plot of vines, grapes or their pressed juice. From this community and generosity the idea was born to create a special cuvée sourced from all of the different vineyards and labeling under the IGP Méditerranée. The Grêle 2012 includes grapes from 35 different domains from the Rhône and Provence appellations, and is truly “a blend of terroir, grapes and unity”.

Exquisitely pale coral in colour, aromas of strawberry, roses and minerals radiated from the glass. Delicate flavours of strawberry and white flowers in the light body merged into rain washed stone minerals and traces of white pepper in the silky, refreshing finish. Fantastically food friendly, elegant and refreshing, this is a revitalizing glass in the heat of summer.

Rosé blend consisting of predominantly Grenache
Produced by Château de Roquefort
13% Alcohol
Enjoy now thru 2015

* Two red wines and a white where also created and will be released later in the year. Other generous donations to the group included refrigerated trucks, meals, package design and other necessities to make these special cuvées possible. GRÊLE is a wine that is more than a blend of culture and tradition, it’s a wine with the heart and soul of an incredibly inspirational group of people.

These generous estates are : Ch de Beaupré, Ch de Pibarnon, Ch La Coste, Ch de La Noblesse, Ch Les Mesclances, Ch Pradeaux, Ch Revelette, Ch Sainte-Anne, Ch Sulauze, Ch Vignelaure, Domaine de Gayolle, Domaine de la Bastide Blanche, Domaine de la Bégude, Domaine de la Mongestine, Domaine de la Réaltière, Domaine de la Tour du Bon, Domaines Ott, Domaine de Saint-Bacchi, Domaine de Trévallon, Domaines Bunan, Domaine du Bagnol, Domaine du Coulet, Domaine du Sans Regret, Domaine du Trapadis, Domaine Henri Milan, Domaine La Fourmente, Domaine La Suffrene, Domaine Les Béates, Domaine Les Luquettes, Domaine Les Terres Promises, Domaine Pinchinat, Domaine Richeaume, Domaine Sorin, Domaine Saint Louis-Jayne, Domaine Tempier, Mas Juliett

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