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Messmer Pinot Noir 2009


I love German Pinot Noir. They generally have an earthy, smoky, deep forest disposition to them that I can’t get enough of, and unfortunately are also usually difficult to find on wine shop shelves in the States. Curiously I found Messmer Pinot Noir 2009 first at one of my favourite small boutique shops, then again at my local warehouse type wine shop a few months later. The Messmer estate was established over 50 years ago when Herbert and Elizabeth Messmer purchased land in the Palatinate region of southwest Germany on the slopes of the Rhine Valley, an area the Romans called “Gods own wine cellar”. Today their son Gregory heads the estate with the philosophy “we harvest what we sow” and his wines are renowned for their “clarity and specificity”.  The vineyards are organically farmed, no chemicals of any type are used, and the grapes are hand selected and harvested with reduced yields.


Transparent ruby with brick edges, after decanting aromas of dried strawberry, autumn leaves and hints of cherry swirled about in the glass. Blackberry and tart cherry joined subtle leather elements in the light to medium body, whilst smooth tannins, white peppercorn and earth notes comprised the agile finish.  Silky smooth with bright, tart fruits and an earthy foundation, this is a polished glass fantastic at the table.


100% Pinot Noir

Estate Bottled
12.5% Alcohol
Enjoy now thru 2014

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