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Dürer-Weg Lagrein 2011

Tracking down bottles of wine from indigenous Italian grapes can be rather difficult. Estimates put the number of different wine grape varieties between 1500-3000, sadly many of them have been forgotten, only produced by small families for their own consumption, or are rarely exported. I do actively seek them out through various specialty wine shops and importers, however thankfully they are beginning to sneak their way into more of the everyday wine shops. Mildly obsessed with Northern Italian wines, I was excited when I spotted Dürer-Weg Lagrein in one of my local shops. Dürer-Weg is located in the historic An der Lan palace in Salorno, between Alto Adige and Trentino in northern Italy. It has been producing wines since at least 1900 and takes its name from the famous Renaissance painter and engraver Albrecht Dürer when he traveled from Salorna to Cembra in 1494 [Dürer-Weg translates to ‘Dürer’s path’]. For many generations, the same families have been tending to the vineyards located on the exposed Alpine hills and bringing their grapes to Dürer-Weg for production. For this vintage, fermentation was done in stainless steel, there was 6 months of ageing on the lees in concrete tanks, then a partial aging in oak barriques before bottling.

Inky red-violet in colour, after aerating aromas of cinnamon, tobacco, earth and fresh blackberry radiated from the glass. Sweet black cherry and blackberry flavours merged with sour cherry and tart blackberry, whilst earthy minerals and vegetal traces rounded out the dense body. Cinnamon and spicy green peppercorn comprised the compressed finish. With an intriguing play between sweet and savoury elements, this is a fantastic glass with a wide variety of dishes, or sipping on its own.

100% Lagrein
Alto Adige/Südtirol
Bottled in the production area by IT-BZ/1475 Salorno
12.5% Alcohol
Enjoy now thru 2016

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