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Boutari Kretikos White 2011


In both the US and the UK press, Greek wines are being hailed as the must have summer bottles. They are consistently well made, intriguing and generally budget friendly. Pair that with my background and love of Bronze Age Greek Archaeology [particularly the Minoan Civilization], and I’m enthusiastically on board. The Boutari Company was founded in 1879 in Naoussa, Greece. Today they own 6 estates in Greece, including on the islands of Santorini and Crete, and one in the Languedoc region of France. They are committed to tradition, innovation and promoting indigenous varieties and wine culture both in Greece and internationally. With thousands of years of winemaking history in Crete, the Kretikos White is a blend of a few of those indigenous varieties sourced from organically farmed vineyards located a few miles outside of Heraklion. The label depicts a fresco from the famed palace at Knossos.

Pale gold in colour, aromas of wild flowers, lemon and vegetal nuances rose from the glass. Pineapple and lemon were joined by traces of cucumber and a lively acidity in the light body, whilst grapefruit and sea mineral elements comprised the dry finish. Simple and especially easy drinking due in part to its modest alcohol level, this is a cheerful glass ideal for summertime sipping.

95% Vilana, “5% other indigenous white varieties from the island”
Bottled by J. Boutari & Son Wineries
11% Alcohol
Enjoy now thru 2014


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