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Secco Italian Bubbles Bianco 2011

As part of the assorted festivities associated with my husband’s Law School graduation we popped open Secco Italian Bubbles Bianco 2011. Secco Italian Bubbles is the brainchild of renowned pioneer winemaker Charles Smith and the Casa sisters of Italy. In 2010 the laws overseeing Prosecco production in Italy changed, allowing for greater winemaker freedom. Looking to “champion both the noble varieties and the growers of Chardonnay”, they created a new category of sparkling wine that is “grower-driven, vintage-dated”. The grapes for the 2011 Bianco were sourced from vineyards located in the northern Piave Valley of Veneto.
Pale yellow with greenish tints, the aroma of red apples and traces of minerals rose enthusiastically from the glass. Pear and tart green apple flavours were joined by hints of sweet honey in the fizzy body. Grapefruit and sea minerals comprised the crisp, dry finish. Friendly, fun and a great value, this is a fantastic bubbly for all sorts of light dishes and festive occasions.
77% Chardonnay, 15% Pinot Bianco, 8% Raboso Piave
Produced and Bottled by Viticoltori Ponte SRL
11.5% Alcohol
Enjoy now thru 2014

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