Orin Swift Locations ‘F-1’ Proprietary Red 2011


My sister and I had some time to pass before picking up our fantastic take-out Italian dinner, so we found ourselves at the bar of Antipasto’s, a [sadly] hidden gem of a vegetarian Italian restaurant close to my home. To accompany our cheese/olive/pepper plate we selected a glass of Orin Swift Locations‘F-1’Proprietary Red 2011. Orin Swift Cellars was founded in 1998 by David Swift Phinney. Today the company has grown into an international brand that includes 300 acres in southwest France. Famous for his renowned ‘The Prisoner’ wine Orin Swift Cellars still remains a small, “passionate team of friends and family dedicated to making great wine”. Phinney was inspired to create the ‘Locations’ label whilst standing on a curb waiting for a taxi at Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris. He became motivated to create a wine that combines the best grape varietals from great “locations” throughout Europe, adopting the country code car stickers as the label. Current plans include bottles from Spain [E], Italy [I] and France [F] that also retain more of a budget friendly price.  The ‘F-1’ is a blend of Grenache sourced from the Roussillon, Syrah from the Rhone and “assorted Bordeaux varietals” that were blended and produced in Spain.


Dark garnet in colour, bright aromas of cherry along with hints of lavender and vanilla bean rose from the glass. Black cherry, blackberry and rich chocolate flavours were underscored by round, soft tannins in the full body. Spicy black pepper merged with traces of smoky cedar and baked plum in the velvety finish. Easy drinking and self-aware, this is a fantastic glass on its own or with a wide variety of dishes.


Proprietary blend of Grenache, Syrah and “assorted Bordeaux varietals”
Bottled by Locations, Belver de Cinca, Huesga, Spain
15% Alcohol
$18 [average price]
Enjoy now thru 2015

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