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Domaine Le Garrigon Côtes du Rhône 2010


Domaine Le Garrigon Côtes du Rhône 2010 was part of a stash of wines I had ordered from one of my favourite wine shops in NYC back in January. Family owned and operated by siblings Daniel and Marie-Françoise Couston, Domaine Le Garrignon was established by their grandfather in 1919.  The 200 acre estate has been certified organic since 1997. With an emphasis on respecting both nature and humans, the organic approach is carried through to the winery as well. Wines are crafted without the addition of any chemicals or enzyme animal products, and only naturally occurring wild yeasts are used during fermentation. This Rhône blend was aged for 10 months in cement tanks.


Deep inky red-violet in colour, after decanting aromas of briar berries, black olive and traces of damp woodsy, earth rose from the glass. Blackberry and red currant flavours were underscored by hints of earthy soy sauce and smooth tannins. Spicy white pepper and traces of clove comprised the peppy finish. Straightforward and easy drinking, this is an engaging glass for the table.


60% Grenache, 30% Carignan, 10% Syrah
Côtes du Rhône
Mis en Bouteille au Domaine [Estate Bottled]
13% Alcohol
Enjoy now thru 2015

1 comment on “Domaine Le Garrigon Côtes du Rhône 2010

  1. Yes i Agreed that its really easy drinking and it contains nice aspects . liquor store


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