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Già Rosso Langhe 2011


It’s not too often that I happen upon a liter of wine. The magnum or 1.5 liter is readily available for bulk wine needs, but the smaller one liter remains rather elusive. When I found Già Rosso Langhe 2011 in its fun, meant to be shared 1 liter size, I was enthusiastic to give it a pour the next time my sister was over for dinner. Già was conceived by the Italian estate of Fontanafredda. Founded in 1878, Fontanafredda is located in the heart of the Langhe and is known for its captivating Barolo and Barbaresco wines. In addition to its Michelin Star restaurant and truffle forest, the 122 hectare estate proudly includes a “bio-nature reserve” that provides a green balance. Integrated farming is practiced in the vineyards, all rain water is recycled, no chemical fertilizers are used and the presence of sulphites is limited. Già is crafted from a blend of Nebbiolo, Barbera and Dolcetto grapes, bottled in November and released in December. It is meant to be enjoyed young and is “simply a wine that is ready earlier than the rest”. The bottle is made from 85% recycled glass, the label is recycled paper printed with vegetable based ink.


Red-garnet in colour, after decanting aromas of minerals, light baking spices and strawberry swirled about in the glass. Mixed fruit flavours of blueberry, blackberry and cherry were underscored by smooth dry tannins in the medium body. Crushed white peppercorn and bitter almond elements comprised the moderate finish. Simple, easy drinking and with a moderate alcohol content, this is a great party-size bottle for the table.


Winemaker’s blend of Nebbiolo, Barbera and Dolcetto
Bottled by C.E.M.F. S.r.l.
11% Alcohol
$13 [1 Liter]
Enjoy now

2 comments on “Già Rosso Langhe 2011

  1. Great thta all rain water was recycled and no chemical fertilizers are used and the presence of sulphites is limited.wine online


  2. Yes, it's fantastic to see people caring for the health of both us and the environment.


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