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Vincent Caillé La part du Colibri Côt 2011


I picked up Vincent Caillé La part du Colibri Côt 2011 on the recommendation of the wine shop attendant when I was in Connecticut a few months ago. After taking a look at the somewhat “off the beaten path” wines I was purchasing, he suggested I try the La part du Colibri Malbec and was confident I would enjoy its rustic, subtle nature. Vincent Caillé is a 5th generation winemaker; he took over his family’s estate in Nantes, western France in 1986 with a steadfast commitment to tradition, uncompromising quality and progress. He “allows nature to be the queen” and practices organic farming, his wines are vinified traditionally using only indigenous yeasts and long ageing on the lees.


Cranberry garnet with pink around the edges, after decanting aromas of fresh cherries rose from the glass. Tart pomegranate and cherry flavours were joined by bright floral and fresh herbaceous notes in the light to medium body. Tart cherry and earthy, forest leaves comprised the moderate finish. Simple and light, each floral and herb infused sip imparts a lovely bohemian character to the table.


100% Malbec [Cot]

Loire [Vin de Pays du Val de Loire]
Estate bottled by Vincent Caillé
12% Alcohol
Enjoy now thru 2014

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