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Domaine Wachau Gustav Grüner Veltliner 2011

After a harrowing experience of being stranded at the vet’s office with a sick cat and a jeep with an exploded water pump, my husband, sister and myself decided to enjoy a leisurely brunch where my sister and I indulged in elderflower liqueur and Prosecco cocktails. Upon returning home I decided to transition to a white wine to continue on with the light, fresh motif, giving a pour to Domaine Wachau Gustav Grüner Veltliner 2011. Domaine Wachau is located along the banks of the Danube in the heart of the Wachau region of Austria. The cooperative works closely with winemaker Heinz Frischengruber and is responsible for nearly 440 hectares of vineyards, 55% belonging to the Grüner Veltliner grape. The low-yielding vineyards are on steep terraces supported by low stonewalls and are now a World Cultural Heritage site.
Pale straw-gold in colour, aromas of green apple and salty minerals rose from the glass.  Tangy apple and lemon flavours infused the light to medium body, whilst zippy citrus, briny minerals and hints of sweet honey comprised the crisp finish. Although a bit too sharp and tight for my personal preference, this is a simple, easy drinking glass good with a light meal.
[Producer details not listed]
13% Alcohol
Enjoy now thru 2015

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