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Ronchi Di Cialla Ribolla Nera 2009

In reading the absolutely delightful and enlightening Vino Italiano: The Regional Wines of Italy by Joseph Bastianich and David Lynch I have become obsessed with trying to find just about every indigenous Italian grape they discuss. When I read how the almost extinct, but now making a comeback Ribolla Nera grape exhibits “a shotgun blast of tannin on the tongue” I knew I had to track down a bottle. When Ronchi Di Cialla Ribolla Nera 2009 arrived at my doorstep from one of my favourite NYC wine shops, I was quite enthusiastic to give it a pour. Ronchi Di Cialla was founded in 1970 by Dina and Paolo Rapuzzi and has remained a strictly family run business. The estate focuses on indigenous varieties especially those of which are on the verge of disappearing, such as Ribolla Nera, Refosco and Picolit. They practice integrated farming, with an emphasis on low environmental impact. The vineyards are entirely free of any chemicals, biological products are used to a minimum degree and fungi and parasite control is managed by a computerized micro-climatic unit.

Inky purple with a red-violet rim, after decanting intense aromatics of blackberry, cinnamon and nutmeg radiating from the glass. Subtle fruit flavours of blackberry and dried cherry were joined by firm tannins that seamlessly progressed into a lengthy finish of charcoal and black pepper notes. Smooth, elegant and well-structured this is a captivating glass that plumps up delightfully with a meal.

100% Ribolla Nera
Colli Orientali del Friuli
Estate Bottled by Azienda Agricola Ronchi Di Cialla, Prepotto
12.5% Alcohol
Enjoy now thru 2016

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