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Wild Woman Kara’s Pinot Noir 2009


About 2 years ago my sister gave me Wild Woman Kara’s Pinot Noir 2009. It was essentially a joke gift as she had tasted a bottle and said it wasn’t very good, but she still gave it to me since my name is Cara. I tucked it away in a hard to reach corner of one of my wine racks and ignored it to the point that I forget it was there. Last night I was organizing my racks in avid anticipation of the many wines I ordered from one of my favourite NYC wine shops that will be arriving in the next day or so and found it. I decided to bravely give it a try, even though my sister didn’t enjoy it 2 years ago, and also that it was possibly past its prime now. Somewhat ironically, I was unable to locate any information at all about it. It was entirely nonexistent on the Millbrook Winery website, not listed on Cellar Tracker, Snooth, Wine Searcher, etc.

Transparent garnet in colour, after aerating aromas of cherry, woodsy oak and whispers of mint swirled about. Somewhat muddled fruity flavours of cherry and tart pomegranate joined black tea tannins and a keen acidity in the medium body. Spicy black peppercorn and dried cherry notes comprised the moderate finish. Rather unexpectedly easy drinking, this is a curious glass that is satisfactorily agreeable at the table.

Pinot Noir [Sourced from Central Coast, California, I could not verify percentage]
Produced and Bottled by Millbrook Winery, NY
I could not locate cost
Drinking now

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