Saint Cosme Little James’ Basket Press


I picked up Little James’ Basket Press because I fancied the concept that it was a solera blend; a fractional blending [often seen with Sherry and Port] in which the final product is a mix of different vintages, with the average age gradually increasing as the process continues over many years.  Château Saint Cosme is located in the heart of the Gigondas appellation and is one of the top producers of Côtes du Rhône. The estate has been owned by the Barruol family since 1490; Louis Barroul is the 14thgeneration winemaker to head the property. With an average vine age of 60 years, Barroul strives to make wines that express the personality and purity of the extraordinary terrior and old vines. They practice organic viticulture and believe in minimal intervention in all facets of winemaking. Little James’ Basket Press is their “wine of freedom”, it’s meant to recall when many years ago wine merchants made wines with only one target; pleasure. The 2012 bottling is a blend of 50% of the 2011 Grenache vintage along with 50% of all the other Grenache vintages dating back to 1999.


Dark red violet in colour, after decanting for about 30 minutes aromas of lavender, strawberry and candied violets radiated from the glass. Jammy baked pie flavours of cherry, strawberry and blackberry were supported by soft, dry tannins in the full body. Spicy crushed mixed peppercorns and rustic lavender notes comprised the lengthy finish. Herbaceous and floral, this is a fun, friendly glass packed with fruit and spice, absolutely fantastic on its own or at the table.


100% Grenache
Vin de France
Bottled in 2012 by Sarl Louis Saint Cosme
13.5% Alcohol
$13 [I have seen it priced from $10-$15]
Enjoy now thru 2016

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