Happy New Year!

Looking back on 2012 I thought it would be fun to see what the top 5 most popular posts were for the year. All were budget friendly, fantastic with a meal but also absolutely lovely fruity and spicy sippers in their own right; California wines seized the top 2 spots, followed by France, Italy and Spain.

Straightforward, velvety smooth and easy drinking, 
this is a friendly glass that loves to accompany 
any casual, laid back moment
or occasion. 

Soft and round with well structured tannins, 
each silky sip ensures you will be smiling 
as the bottle empties.

Fun and graceful, this is a friendly glass 
fantastic on its own or with a light meal 
that enjoys the warmth of summer.

Simple, rustic and enjoyable, this is an 
easy drinking glass that will happily 
empty rather swiftly.

5. Tarima Hill Monastrell 2009

Enthusiastically swelling with jammy fruit, 
spice and herbal elements, each velvety sip 
will keep you reaching for more.

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