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Riebeek Cellars Pinotage 2011

After a shorter than usual flight into Heathrow, we decided to keep it simple our first day in London. We had a lovely time at the V & A, and absolutely enjoyed the Hollywood Costume Exhibit. We had dinner reservations just a few stations away, and as luck would have it; the Farringdon tube stop happened to be inexplicably closed, leaving our restaurant unreachable within our reservation time frame. Exhausted and jet-lagged, we disappointingly headed back to our hotel and stopped for dinner at a nearby pub. I was pleased to find Riebeek Cellars Pinotage 2011 on the wine list since Pinotage isn’t that common in the States and rather improbable to see in an everyday type pub.


Established in 1941, Riebeek Cellars is located on the western coast of Cape Province in South Africa. They believe that good grapes come from good soil; therefore they are passionate about adopting better farming practices that decrease chemical intervention and protect the environment. The winery belongs to both the South African initiative Integrated Production of Wine [IPW] and Biodiversity in Wine Initiative [BWI] in order to further their mission of producing quality, every day wines from grapes grown “unembellished, honest and true”.


Dark red-violet in colour, aromas of cherry, butterscotch and hints of an earthy gaminess swirled about in the glass. Ripe cherry and chewy raisin flavours were entwined with traces of sweet vanilla in the medium body. White pepper and toasty oak were sprinkled with cinnamon in the moderate finish. Lighter in style then many Pinotages, this was straightforward, easy drinking and a great glass alongside my simple pub dinner of cheese on toast and tuna-free niçoise salad.


Pinotage [I could not verify percentage]

Swartland/Western Cape
South Africa
14% Alcohol
$10 [average price]
Enjoy now till 2013

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