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Viña Palaciega Rioja Crianza 2008

When I happened upon Viña Palaciega Rioja Crianza 2008 sort of off by itself in the wine shop with an under $10 tag, I knew it was going to be a gamble of a purchase. I’ve found some amazing wines at that price and to be honest, some rather terrible ones also. But I’m in love with the adventure, so I added it to my basket. I was unable to locate much information on Viña Palaciega, other than their name translates to “wine of the palace” and the grapes for their wines are sourced from all 3 regions of Rioja [Rioja Alta, Rioja Alavesa and Rioja Baja].

Garnet with brick highlights in colour, after aerating aromas of tart plum advanced over the still lurking hot alcohol essence. Tart cherry flavours mingled with graphite minerals in the medium body. Dried autumn leaves and thin notes of woodsy oak comprised the abbreviated finish. Lean and a bit sharp, I decided not to pour a second glass, and instead reallocated it to the sautéing mushrooms and veggies for my soup stock.

Rioja blend of mostly Tempranillo with some Garnacha
Bottled for H.V.M.A., S.L. Mendavia Espana by R.E.N. 3955
13% Alcohol

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