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The Velvet Devil Merlot 2010


Even though I had originally associated the trident on the label with Poseidon as opposed to something devilish, I picked up The Velvet Devil Merlot 2010 to pour on Halloween. Everyone enjoys a beverage whilst handing out candy right?  Charles Smith is a self-taught winemaker that has been recognized as a pioneer and artisan in the wine world. Following his successful House Wine label in 2004 he launched the Charles Smith brand in 2006 as a “Modernist Project”. With a motto of “It’s just wine, drink it”, the concept is to create wines that coincide with the way most people drink them, which is usually immediately.  The wines highlight the characteristics of each varietal and unique vineyard terroir, but are meant to be enjoyed upon release.


Red-violet in colour, aromas of blackberry, spicy oak and traces of wet river stones radiated from the glass. Jammy cherry flavours convened with smooth, soft tannins in the medium to full body. Spicy pink peppercorn, warm cinnamon and rich chocolate comprised the lengthy finish. Friendly, easy drinking, and yes, rather velvety, this is a fantastic glass on its own or with a meal.


91% Merlot, 9% Cabernet Sauvignon

Columbia Valley
Vinted & Bottled by Charles Smith Wines
13.5% Alcohol
Enjoy now thru 2013

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