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Willm Réserve Riesling 2011

The Willm Gewürztraminer I enjoyed a few weeks back was entirely fantastic, so I made sure to pick up Willm Réserve Riesling 2011 during my last wine shop run.  Founded in 1896 by the Willm family, Alsace Willm Estate follows a philosophy of “to offer delicious fruit driven wines, with lively flavours, classic of the Alsace style”. Employing a harmonizing blend of traditional and modern techniques, the estate practices integrated farming which is a sustainable, whole systems approach to viticulture. They are passionate about “growing the vines with strict requirements and respect for the terroir”, and strive to find the perfect balance between soil, vines, climate, nature and the environment. They intervene as little as possible during production in order to preserve each varietals character.


Pale straw-yellow in colour, aromas of delicate citrus blossoms swirled about in the glass. Summery flavours of apple and apricot were balanced by a bright acidity in the light body. Lemon zest mingled with traces of spicy white pepper and stony minerals in the peppy finish. Snappy and crisp, this is a friendly, airy bottle good on its own or with light dishes.


100% Riesling

Bottled Les Vignerons Réunis
12.5% Alcohol
Enjoy now thru 2015

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