With the temperature at 102 degrees, I fancied a bright, revitalising bottle. Additionally, it needed to be able to pair up with grilled balsamic and chèvre brussel sprouts, faux chicken patties and spicy brown rice for my husband and myself, and my sister’s sushi. I pulled St. Supéry Sauvignon Blanc 2011 from the fridge and enthusiastically gave it a pour.

St. Supéry is a family estate owned by the Skalli family, with 2 vineyards in Napa Valley; one is in Rutherford in the heart of Sauvignon Blanc country, the other is Dollarhide, in a quiet corner of Napa. Hailing from the south of France, Robert Skalli travelled to Napa Valley in the 1970’s and was inspired to relocate his winemaking family in order to utilize the Napa character to produce distinct wines. Their 510 planted acres and 1000 unplanted, nature park acres are the largest to be Napa Green certified. Devoted to Sustainable practices, some of their methods include: Smart Canopy Management which regulates grape exposure to the sun and drastically reduces the need for fungicides, cover crops to control erosion, weeds and deposit nutrients back into the soil, 100% of the water used is reclaimed from rainfall, and attracting and protecting wildlife from bees to a bald eagle family. The Audubon Society actually uses the vast bird population found in the Dollarhide Estate for its annual census.

Pale straw with occasional accents of bright green, stunning tropical aromas of pineapple, lemon and banana rose from my glass. Lush, juicy flavours of pear and pineapple were complimented by bright lime in the light to medium body. Zippy pink grapefruit and ginger elements were supported by subtle notes of wet river stones in the snappy finish. Vibrant and quite memorable [I’ve already picked up more] this is a spectacular glass for any occasion.

100% Sauvignon Blanc
Napa Valley
Grown, Produced and Bottled by St. Supéry Estate Vineyards and Winery [Estate Bottled]
Enjoy now thru 2014

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