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Santero Asti [NV] & Stone’s Original Ginger Wine [NV]

My sister and I were having a leisurely stroll about the wine shop when I caught sight of Stone’s Original Ginger Wine. I had been thinking about procuring ingredients for a summer patio cocktail, I just wasn’t in the mood for a vodka or rum drink. I think because we had just watched Casino Royale the night before, and the wine shop had a liqueur tasting, one of them being ginger liqueur, I arrived at the merry conclusion to make a wine cocktail. I picked up Asti Santero to go with my ginger wine and I was set. I chilled both bottles, muddled fresh mint from my garden, and then poured in the wines in equal measure. Delightfully sweet and spicy, the mint contributed a bright, refreshing element to each sunny, sparkly sip. I named it the Tallow Wood, and surmise that I may just add some lime zest next time….


Santero Asti [NV]

Santero is a family owned and run winery founded in 1958. They have a strong tradition of pursuing innovation and respecting nature. In addition to their grapes, their winery in the heart of the Asti D.O.C.G. also processes grapes brought in from over 300 local winegrowers.
Pale gold in colour, aromas of summer apple and honeysuckle rose from my glass. Sweet, rich honey flavours and traces of juicy peach mingled in each fizzy sip. Easy drinking and fun, this is a vibrant glass fantastic with desert or any celebration.

Moscato Bianco
Produced by Santero S.P.A.
7.5% Alcohol
Enjoy now

Stone’s Original Ginger Wine [NV]
Stone’s Ginger Wine can be traced back to 1740 when a company called The Finsbury Distilling Company was founded in the City of London. To produce their restorative wine, they blended high quality raisins and pure ginger. In 1751 the Excise Act was passed which prohibited distillers from selling directly to the public. Joseph Stone was part of the network of retailers The Finsbury Distilling Company constructed in order to sell their wine. Stone became a solid part of their network, and his name was given to the ginger wine in his honor.
Golden amber in colour, aromas of ginger and autumn woods swirled about in my glass.  Plump fruity grapes and spicy ginger mingled with smooth, sweet honey and traces of Christmas like juniper notes. Energetic and self assured on it’s own, it does make for a brilliant spicy addition to cocktails and whiskey alike.

Produced and Bottled for Accolade Wines, LTC., Guildford
13.5% Alcohol
Enjoy now

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