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Poggio al Casone La Cattura 2009

I had picked up the Poggio al Casone La Cattura 2009 a few months ago because I fancied the storybook illustration depiction of the rabbit on the label. I was even more enamored when I discovered it was a Teroldego, as these are usually rather difficult to find in the States. Poggio al Casone Estate is located on the hills of Pisa and is one of the Castellani Family’s vineyards. Organic and sustainable, with a few of the vineyards also now biodynamic certified, the Castellani philosophy is that “the land is a heritage, which must be protected, in our everyday work.” They utilize integrated methodologies in order to achieve this goal; 100% of the energy they use is from renewable resources, vineyards are integrated amongst forests and olive and acacia groves, they breed native wild species such as wild hares [portrayed on the label] as part of the ecological equilibrium, and protect all other species that live naturally in their vineyards. Their efforts were acknowledged this year when they were bestowed with the Toscana Ecoefficiente Award. The award is given to a company that invested in environmental sustainability and good practices; it is the first winery in Tuscany to be awarded with it.

Dark red-violet in colour, aromas of forest pine and ripe blackberries swirled about in my glass. Abundant black cherry and juicy plum fruits mingled with earthy mushroom notes in the medium body. The crisp finish was infused with spicy white pepper and cleansing bitter almond elements. The combination of rustic earthiness and bright acidity make for a lively, refreshing table wine.

90% Teroldego, 10% Syrah
Produced by Poggio al Casone Estate and Bottled by Castellani SPA
12.5% Alcohol
Enjoy now thru 2013

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