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Baron de Pierre Bordeaux 2009

I had picked up Baron de Pierre Bordeaux 2009 a couple of days ago and decided to pop it open whilst getting ready to go to my husband’s hockey game. A product of the Maison Bouey family, who are a major supplier of wine to French supermarkets, yet also has a fine wine portfolio and exports over 35% of their wine to 60 countries.

Transparent cranberry-garnet in colour, after aerating the faint aroma of violets rested in my glass. Tart cherry flavours were supplemented with minerally notes of graphite in the thin, light body. Spicy black pepper and fruity black current elements fashioned the brief yet pleasant finish. Although generally agreeable, it was rather muddled and lacked definition, but not to the point where I had difficulty finishing it at the game. I’m going to be on the lookout for their Bordeaux Supérieur as I think it will be a more interesting and better bottle, but still within a budget friendly price point.

Bordeaux blend
Bottled by Maison Bouey, Ambares, Gironde
13% Alcohol

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