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Quattro Mani Barbera 2010


I started to prepare polenta with smoked gouda and cilantro pesto in the late afternoon, since it takes nearly 2 hours and requires random stirring to be done. We had a couple of friends over and the cooking time fit well into our watching of 2 back to back hockey playoff games. [Yes, with playoff season happening, I’ve been watching A LOT of hockey.] Everyone was enjoying beer, so I reached for a bottle of Quattro Mani Barbera 2010. For some reason I find that when I’m watching sports in a marathon fashion, having many snacks and surrounded by beer drinkers, I usually fancy a Barbera. I presume it’s because Barbera could be considered somewhat comparable to certain types of beers; it’s light, refreshing, easy drinking and crisp.

Quattro Mani [Four Hands] wines are the second labels from some of Italy’s [and Slovenia, check out their Toh-kai] greatest and highly acclaimed winemakers. Practicing sustainable methods, and promoting the use of indigenous grapes, these selected winemakers believe in letting the vineyard be expressed through the wine. The Barbera is produced by Danilo Droco [a famed Barolo producer] who Robert Parker described as “One of the greatest names in Piedmont Winemaking”.

Cranberry-garnet in colour, aromas of warm cookies topped with cherry blossoms and maple syrup curled about in my glass. Fresh cherry and raspberry flavours with light notes of vanilla were infused with a bright acidity in the light to medium body.  A dry, almost fizzy tartness with lingering traces of warm cinnamon and clove composed the moderate finish. Simple and refreshing, intended to be consumed young, this is an easy drinking glass great on its own but that also enjoys a meal.

100% Barbera
Bottled by C.E.M.F. SRL-Serrallinga D’Alba
13.5% Alcohol
Enjoy now thru 2014

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