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C’est La Vie! Pinot Noir∙Syrah 2010

Since I was cracking into a brie that I brought back from Canada this past weekend, I thought it an excellent time to pop open one of the bottles that I also came home with to accompany it. Although it was nearly impossible for me to narrow down the wines I fancied in the Montreal wine shop to a manageable number, I tried to select based on features/bottles that I can’t readily find in the States. I chose the C’est La Vie! Pinot NoirSyrah 2010 simply because I have not found a Pinot/Syrah blend before. Hailing from the estates of noted winemaker Albert Bichot, it promised to be a charming, fruity, bistro style glass.

Transparent dark garnet in colour, summery aromas of cherry and warm hay rose from my glass. Fresh fruity flavours of cherry and strawberry mingled with traces of cheerful lavender in the soft, medium body. Dry and smooth, spicy black pepper and dark chocolate socialised in the brief, yet peppy finish. Easy drinking and friendly, this is a fantastic everyday glass great on its own or with a meal.
Winemaker’s Blend of Pinot Noir and Syrah

Pays D’Oc [Languedoc-Roussillon]
Mis En Bouteille Par MAB AF.21200
12.5% Alcohol
Enjoy now thru 2014

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