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Ceuso Scurati Nero d’Avola 2010

As you all know, I’m slightly obsessed with Nero d’Avola. I’m at the stage where I’ve gone thru all the bottles that my local wine shops stock, and now have to procure them from online shops. I still faithfully check the aisles though, so imagine my excitement when I saw the friendly looking Ceuso Scurati Nero d’Avola 2010 eagerly awaiting me. Ceuso is a small boutique winery founded in 1990 by the four Melia brothers who believe that it is their mission to deliver high quality, fine red wines. The vineyard is located near the well-preserved yet unfinished Temple of Segesta [5th century BC] and concentrates on Nero d’Avola and French grapes. If you visit the vineyard, Giuseppe Melia will gladly show you around.

Brilliant red-violet in colour, after aerating aromas of bright summer berries rose welcomely from my glass. The unfiltered, medium body abounded with vivid strawberry and raspberry flavours, whilst an undercurrent of dense cherry contributed a hearty note. The moderate finish displayed mineral elements with hints of wet slate that developed into summer berry notes that softly faded away. Consistent from bouquet to finish, this is a fantastic, bright fruity glass now that also exhibits all the signs of maturing into a classic earthier, rustic Nero d’Avola in the upcoming year or so.

100% Nero d’Avola
Estate Bottled by AZ. AGR. Ceuso S.R.L. Calatafimi Segesta
13.5% Alcohol
Enjoy now thru 2014

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