Leonard Kreusch Pinot Noir 2009


The most significant blockade to importing German reds to America is that the German demand for their own Pinot Noir is so high that producers can sell out their entire inventory at the prices they want right at home. So when one of our best friends decided he wanted to go to a German Biergarten to celebrate his birthday with a humongous boot of beer, I enthusiastically kept my fingers crossed that they would have a German Pinot Noir behind the bar. It did not escape my attention that the Australian bartender thought my level of exuberance odd when I spotted Leonard Kreusch Pinot Noir 2009 on the menu. I wasn’t able to scout out many details, other than the grapes were sourced from the family estate on the Mosel River and that Leonard Kreusch is both the bottler and the importer.

Translucent brick garnet in colour, aromas of cherry blossoms and wisps of campfire smoke rose alluringly from my glass.  Fruity cherry with hints of strawberry harmonized with the fresh mineralty and stone elements in the light-medium body. A bright acidity contrasted and highlighted the brief yet satisfying finish with its rich, woodsy notes of lingering apple-wood campfire smoke.  Smooth and smoky yet bright and fruity, it’s yet another captivating glass that keeps me on the quest for ever elusive German reds.

100% Spätburgunder [Pinot Noir]

Bottled and Shipped by Leonard Kreusch GMBH & Co
12% Alcohol
$9 [by the glass]

2 comments on “Leonard Kreusch Pinot Noir 2009

  1. I think I've seen some German Pinot Noirs at BottleRocket here in NYC, it sounds totally unique I'll definitely be on the lookout now.


  2. Yes, they have a great selection. However, at least online, they do not have any German Reds at the moment. Keep me posted if you discover any!


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