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O. Fournier Urban Uco Malbec 2010

I was having a solo, simple dinner of mixed greens packed with all kinds of accessories such as kalmata olives, provolone and feta, cashews and faux smoked turkey. I decided to accompany this mix with a Malbec, since I wanted something fruity, simple and mid-weight. I plucked O. Fournier Urban Uco Malbec 2010 from my wine bar rack and let it decant for about 20 minutes. The winery’s mission is to become one of the most outstanding winery groups by utilizing a combination of technology, local and international winemaking knowledge and the high altitude microclimate of the Uco Valley in Argentina. The label provided me with a quote to contemplate as I poured my glass: “Ideologies separate us, dreams bring us together.”

Juicy aromas of blackberry mingled with spicy black pepper and earthy moss elements swirled about in the dark purple in my glass. The medium body displayed somewhat muddled flavours of plum and blueberry which were infused with slight traces of oak. Dark chocolate, black peppercorn and hints of dried leaves carried the finish along competently. Although an adequate glass, I feel there are many other Mendoza Malbecs that are not only budget friendly, but also more successful at exhibiting the varietal’s signature soft, ripe, earthy flavours.

100% Malbec
Produced and bottled by Bodegas y Viñedos O. Fournier S.A. inv:B-72712 La Consulta, Mendoza
14% alcohol

2 comments on “O. Fournier Urban Uco Malbec 2010

  1. My friend brought this over the other night to go with pot-luck supper, I thought it was kinda bland.


  2. Left on it's own it's an adequate Malbec, but in comparison, I do feel that there are many other bottles in the same price range that are better.


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