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The Dreaming Tree Crush (Red Blend) 2009

My sister came over the other night bearing a bottle of the Dreaming Tree Crush (Red Blend) 2009. This is yet another collaboration between legendary musician Dave Matthews and winemaker Steve Reeder. At Dreaming Tree Wines, they think that “the best vintage is pretty much right now and the best pairing is your favorite people.” The bottles and labels are recycled, and not only are the grapes sustainably farmed, the corks are as well. My first foray into their wines was Dreaming Tree Cabernet Sauvignon, and since I had found that to be a pleasant easy drinking bottle, I was enthusiastic to give the Crush a pour.

Purply garnet in colour, tempting aromas of chocolate and strawberries rose from the glass. Hints of vanilla entwined about jammy raspberry and strawberry flavours in the full body.  The satisfactory finish showcased rich chocolate, smoky spices and cozy toasty oak elements. My smoked mozzarella portabella pizza highlighted a zesty ginger that had been hiding in the shadows. Simple, yet velvety smooth and easy drinking, this is a friendly glass that loves to accompany any casual, laid back moment or occasion.
67% Merlot, 33% Zinfandel

North Coast
Vinted and Bottled by Dreaming Tree, Geyserville CA
13.5% Alcohol
Enjoy now

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