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Borsao Monte Oton Garnacha 2010


Icka, who is immensely and diligently
involved in all of my pursuits.
I was ambling about my local warehouse type wine shop and happened upon the Borsao Monte Oton Garnacha 2010. As usual, I fancied the label; it was fun and somewhat mod and/or festive in style. The price was impressively low, so admittedly I was bit apprehensive. However after enjoying other wonderful, comparable priced Spanish wines such as the Don Ramón Vino Tinto Barrica 2008 [incidentally it turned out to be quite similar to the fantastic Don Ramón], and since it was a sturdy and generally reliable Garnacha and estate bottled, I brought it home.

An alluring purply red-violet in colour, after aerating yummy dessert-like aromas of chocolate, butterscotch and strawberry gloriously wafted out of my glass. Luscious black cherry and raspberry fruits were laced with ribbons of caramel in the full body. The lengthy finish of dark chocolate, spicy ginger and white pepper balanced the fruit flavours and contributed a bit of complexity. Smooth and easy drinking, each glass pours faster than the last one, and at this price point, it’s quite a steal!

100% Garnacha

Campo de Borja
Estate Bottled by Bodegas Borsao, S.A., Borja
14.5% Alcohol
                                                                                  Enjoy now thru 2014

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