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La Mondianese ‘Baby Barb’ Barbera D’Asti 2009

Our friends’ rescue dog Mario, graciously assisting with my
wine photography.


We went over to our friends’ house the other night, just for a rather typical demonstration of weekend merriment consisting of the consumption of greasy foods and the watching of multiple sports. As everyone with the exception of myself was going to be enjoying beer, I fancied a light, easy drinking, cheerful bottle. I rummaged about my wine bar rack and happily emerged with a bottle of La Mondianese ‘Baby Barb’ Barbera d’Asti 2009.

After employing my aerator, the gorgeous ruby colour in my glass contained light wisps of cherry fragrance, but had a mostly neutral aroma overall. [This can be typical for the Barbera grape when it is aged in stainless steel rather than oak; both the aroma and flavours of vanilla, toast and smoke found in these wines will have come from oak barrel aging.] The light body flourished with vivacious cherry and raspberry fruits, while a bright acidity contributed a clean, summery freshness. Traces of chocolate and black cherry lingered between each sip. Simple and crisp, this is a versatile, fruity, budget friendly bottle that is happy at a picnic, dinner party, football bash or all on its own.

100% Barbera
Bottled by La Mondianese
13% Alcohol
Enjoy now thru 2012

* only 230 cases made

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