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The Big Red Monster (NV)

I fancy anything 1950’s looking, even if it’s a B-horror flick wine label. This is why I picked up The Big Red Monster. I appreciated the attention to detail; the back label utilized film poster elements to convey the bottle information, with important details such as “do not drink by itself” and let it “breathe for at least half an hour”.  The producer is award-winning Jeff Booth, of Felton Empire Winery, Pine Ridge Winery, Conn Creek Winery and Glen Ellen Winery fame. The bottle is non-vintage, meaning two or more vintages were used in its production. After digging about both the producer and bottler’s websites, it appears that this was released in 2009. [Incidentally, a new, sleeker, quieter looking bottle adorned with only monster eyes is set to hit the shelves shortly.] Since Booth felt it important enough to include use instructions on the label, I took note to make sure I followed them.

After employing my aerator, sweet aromas of raspberry and blackberry inhabited the vivid purpley-red in my glass. Rich and juicy blueberry and plum fruits complemented the tart black cherry liveliness in the full body. The considerable finish kicked off with spicy black pepper and traces of smoke, whilst an essence of black current lingered between each sip. Although packed with fruit, the bright acidity and refreshing dryness kept the level of sweetness well balanced. Big, spicy, smooth and easy drinking, this is a fantastic barbeque/hockey/football/spicy dinner crowd pleaser bottle. Keep an eye out for that alcohol content though, it can sneak right up on you!

50% Syrah, 50% Petite Sirah
Bottled by Total Beverage Solution, Rutherford CA
14.4% alcohol
Enjoy now thru 2013

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