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Tribal Pinotage 2010


Tribal is one of the labels of African Terroir Winery in the Western Cape region of South Africa. The winery was founded in 1991 when Swiss winery owner Jacques Germanier purchased Sonop Wine Farm. They began exporting worldwide in 2007, and are now one of the leading organic estates in South Africa, incorporating sustainable farming and Fair Trade practices.

Gem-like dark red in colour bordering on translucent, aromas of soft leather and an exotic minerality rose from the glass. Fruity, but not cloying flavours of blueberry and cranberry banded together and reinforced the nearly full body. The amazingly elongated finish exuded an earthy character entwined with notes of spicy black pepper, cedar and dark chocolate, while a peaty taste lingered in between each smooth sip. Embodying an intense earthy backbone yet quite light in style, each glass conjured up memories of relaxing by a smoky campfire.
100% Pinotage
Western Cape
South Africa
13.5% alcohol
Enjoy now thru 2013


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