Rotkäppchen Sekt Halbtrocken

We had a lovely and fun-filled New Years Eve at our friends’ house in Connecticut. Amidst all of the merriment and making of new friends, I was lucky enough to enjoy a bottle of sparkling wine that currently is extremely difficult to find in the US.  As we were opening and pouring out glasses of various sparkling wines 5 minutes before the ball dropped, a friend of one of our friends yelled out “open the German bottle!” He said his brother lives in Germany and brings back a few bottles every year when he returns to the States for the holidays. I located it in the fridge, liked the German label, popped it open and decided that’s what I wanted to revel in for my New Year’s toast.

Following the cheering and kissing, the smell of sweet apples rose from the pale straw colour in my glass. Fruity flavours of apple, pear and lychee coalesced vibrantly in the bubbly body. The medium finish was bright and culminated with a delightful honey drenched aftertaste. Sweet, yet refreshing and crisp, each fun, fizzy sip was reminiscent of a summery, succulent Riesling. *


11.5% Alcohol
$6 [average price in Europe]

*As there isn’t a single word of English on the label, I tried my hand at translating and did a bit of online research. Rotkäppchen means ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ in German [the title of the bottle then translates to Little Red Riding Hood Semi Dry Sparkling Wine], which makes the Red cap on the bottle very appropriate and cute. The winery was founded in the 1800’s and is the sparkling wine market leader in Germany. They source the wines for their sparkling cuvee from vineyards in France, Italy and Spain. Along with the bottle I enjoyed, the Halbtrocken (Medium Dry), they also produce a very popular Trocken (Dry); both are exported to the majority of Europe and recently, Japan.

I’d love if any of my German speaking readers could let me know if I’ve missed anything, or want to contribute more information on this fantastic bottle!

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