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Mandrarossa Nero d’Avola 2008









As the majority of you know, or can quite easily deduce, I love Nero d’ Avola. I pick up bottles whenever I travel, my family and friends so nicely do the same for me. Somewhere in my sister’s moving/Christmas shopping excursions she picked me up a present of Mandrarossa Nero d’ Avola 2008. Mandrarossa [named after an area on the sea in Sicily] is Settesoli Wineries top label, comprised of their finest hand harvested grapes from estates near the town of Menfi.  Settesoli Wineries is headed by one of Sicily’s most respected, progressive and largest producers, Diego Planeta. He invests in a combination of innovative wine-making technologies and ancient traditions to produce budget friendly, quality wines.

As we enjoyed a creamy French brie on whole-wheat crackers and attempted to construct Christmas dinner in my sisters still unpacked kitchen, we decanted for about 30 minutes. Brilliant dark ruby red in colour, jammy aromas of blueberry and blackberry packed my glass.  Black cherry and blueberry notes glided alongside plush plum fruits while smooth tea leaf tannins contributed a refreshing cleanness.  Herbacaceous anise entwined about spicy peppercorns in the somewhat abbreviated yet satisfying finish. Earthy with traces of rustic coziness, each easy drinking sip ensures a swiftly depleted bottle.

100% Nero d’Avola

Estate Bottled by Cantine Settesoli Sicily
13.5% Alcohol
Enjoy thru 2012

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