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Bibi Graetz Casamatta Toscana Rosso 2010










I was enthusiastic to spend Christmas at my sister’s house, as it was sure to be a mellow, fun time.  Clearly I was excited to pick out a few bottles to bring, and just as fired up to see what she had selected for our enjoyment. My sister and her fiancé had moved into their home just 3 days before Christmas, so nearly all of their belongings were still packed away in boxes. After searching 30 minutes in order to locate the grater I needed for the fontina for my portabello/chevre/cilantro raviolis, I decided the Casamatta Toscana 2010 would be the perfect accompaniment, as its name translates to “crazy house”. I have been hearing amazing things about winemaker Bibi Graetz; everything from how cool and artsy he is [his fantastic paintings are his labels] to the fact that Wine Advocate has named him “one of Italy’s finest growers”. He produces several Tuscan wines made traditionally and in small amounts in the hills overlooking Florence. The Casamatta is his entry level bottle; it is legally entitled to carry an official Chianti designation, but Graetz chooses to keep it as a Toscana because he believes in its quality to stand on its own.

After popping the cork, we let the air get at it for about 45 minutes. A lovely shade of cranberry garnet in colour, aromas of summery fresh strawberries and tobacco leaves converged in my glass. Raspberry and currents mingled about with invigorating black tea leaves in the medium body. Traces of tart cherry kicked off the medium length finish, whilst spicy black peppercorn and leather delivered an enveloping satisfaction. A great balance of soft tannins, a slight acidity and juicy fruits constructs a cheerful, uncomplicated, easy drinking bottle.

100% Sangiovese
Bottled by FI/16047-IT Bibi Graetz S.R.L. Fiesole (FI)
12% Alcohol
Enjoy now thru 2014

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