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Brazin Old Vine Zinfandel 2009

Since we do not have an extra grand or so lying about to be able to go to this year’s Winter Classic game, we decided to go to the last match up between the Rangers and Flyers before the Winter Classic. Due to our tight morning schedule, we had reservations at Mesa Grill for after the game rather than before, and knew that we would have to enjoy our pre-gaming activities on the train on the way down to the city. This poses no problem for us as my husband and I are trained professionals when it comes to flasks of bourbon and wine in nalgene bottles.

We arrived into Grand Central Station quite jovial and earlier then we had expected. With only 30 minutes we knew we wouldn’t be able to successfully navigate thru the throngs of Rangers fans in any bar near the Garden in order to acquire a beverage, so we decided to get a quick cocktail near Grand Central instead. I had read a while back that Campbell Apartment serves up fantastic cocktails and understands the needs of the commuter and those on an otherwise constricted time schedule. Campbell Apartment is the restored private office of early 20thcentury millionaire financier John W. Campbell. The lounge is hidden away in a balcony and absolutely oozes swanky urban opulence, replete with leaded windows, hand-painted plaster of paris ceiling and the ipad crew. Admittedly I was tempted to have one of their marvelous cocktails, and when I saw all the rosemary in my husband’s Kentucky Ginger, I did enjoy a few lovely sips.
Quite happily tho, I latched onto the Brazin Old Vine Zinfandel 2009. Translucent garnet in colour, the aroma of plums and leather pushed up out of the glass. Strawberry and tart cherry flavours frolicked about with rich plum in the medium body.  The elongated finish was comprised of bold elements of spicy pink peppercorn and dark chocolate. Decently balanced with smooth tannins, each cozy sip was big, spicy and playfully easy drinking.
100% Zinfandel
Vinted and Bottled by Brazin Cellars
15% Alcohol
$15 [average price]
Enjoy now thru 2018

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