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Tormaresca Neprica 2008 and 2010


I picked up a bottle of Tormaresca Neprica simply because I liked the etched type label, and there was something classy and understated about it that made it appear as tho it shouldn’t belong in the under $10 league. A quick investigation divulged that the Tormaresca estate was purchased by the Antinori family in 1998 and is comprised of two properties: Masseria Maime at S. Pietro Vernotico and Bocca di Lupo at Minervino Murge. The Antinori family has been making wine for over six hundred years. Throughout the 26 generations, the family has always personally managed the business making innovative, sometimes courageous choices, always with respect for tradition and the land. Today Marchese Piero Antinori assisted by his three daughters, heads the company. The Tormaresca Neprica 2008 follows in Piero Antinori’s spirit of innovation; the name Neprica is a composite of the three grapes that make up  the untraditional blend of regional southern Italian grapes and a grape with world renowned popularity.

After aerating, the dark ruby resting in my glass revealed earthy aromas of damp leaves and plum. Straightforward flavours of blackberry and plum perched atop gamey undercurrents in the medium body. The long finish percolated with savory green peppercorn and firm tannins before concluding with a mellow bitter chocolate finale. Ageing in stainless steel tanks results in every sip having a clean and refreshing demeanor. The ginger and cilantro in my Thai stir-fry further illuminated the earthy gaminess and softly balanced acidity. Rustic, smooth, easy drinking, and wonderfully budget friendly, this is a fantastic “way down south wine” [as the northern Italians like to say].
Update 12/30/11: Wine Express ranked this the #1 best buy of 2011!

40% Negroamaro, 30% Primitivo, 30% Cabernet Sauvignon
Estate Grown & Bottled by Tormaresca SRL San Pietro Vernotico
13.5% Alcohol
Enjoy now thru 2012

Update 9.7.12:

Tormaresca Neprica 2010

Delightfully similar to the 2008 vintage, with additions of brighter fruit flavours, earthy black cherry and spicy black pepper to compliment each straightforward, rustic, super budget friendly sip.

Enjoy now thru 2013


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