Joel Gott Zinfandel 2008

The past few weeks I’ve had my eye on the Joel Gott Zinfandel 2008, as I had a hunch that it would be joining other on-sale bottles at the wine shop in the spirit of Christmas specials. Joel Gott, one of the talents behind my much loved “The Three Thieves” and “The Show” wines, is a 5th generation west coast winemaker that began producing his own fantastic Zinfandels in 1996. His wines are noted for their remarkable value together with his use of high-end California fruit, and fantastic structure and balance. This particular bottle has been nicknamed by wine enthusiasts far and wide as the “poor man’s Turley” due to its amazing quality to cost ratio. 

I popped the cork, took a couple sips, and then started making my baked mashed potatoes with mascarpone, pecorino and sharp cheddar. Upon returning to my glass, I immediately detected a stronger perfume, so, being the impatient wine lover that I am, I topped my glass off with the use of my aerator. A very effective decision.  Abundant aromas of raspberry, vanilla and oak advanced from the brilliant garnet colour in my glass. The medium yet nearly full body was packed with cherry and strawberry fruits that conveyed an elegant dry essence, rather than concentrated sweetness. Chocolate elements circulated amongst the rich berry flavours. The big finish really stole the spotlight with zesty pink peppercorn that marched in cozy oak and lingering, smooth vanilla notes. A great, well structured bottle makes for a wonderful sip on sale.
100% Zinfandel

Cellared and Bottled by Joel Gott Wines, Napa County
14.4% Alcohol
$13 [$16 average]
Enjoy now through 2013

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