Goats Do Roam Red 2010

Obviously, I thoroughly enjoyed the task of choosing wines for Thanksgiving. To shake things up a bit, I picked up a couple of bottles that I didn’t have high hopes for, but as usual, I fancied the label. Additionally with family over I knew if a bottle were truly terrible, someone would end up drinking it regardless. 
So I began the evening with a bottle of Goats Do Roam Red 2010. There was a notable contrast between the gorgeous ruby red colour and the musty, earthy aromas that were rumbling around in my glass. The body was thin and tasted like apple cider vinegar. The finish was short and left a disagreeable dryness in my mouth. Even though my mother was clamoring about the irksome acidity, we would have soldiered on with it. However it was Thanksgiving after all, so I made the executive decision of screwing the top back on and popping open another bottle. My mother being the trained professional that she is, offered to take the bottle home with her, because you never know, it may just “open up” tomorrow. Nevertheless, as with all family centered holidays, there was a family “discussion” that resulted in her leaving in a hurried fashion and abandoning the bottle behind. So I gave it a go the following night myself and was cheerfully surprised to discover it had improved. Whilst still a light body, the vinegar taste had evolved into a refreshing acidity with flavors of blackberry and grass. The medium finish was slightly “hot” but culminated with a bit of smoky gaminess rather then desert dryness. Although it was now drinkable, it is still a very telltale inexpensive bottle.
72% Syrah, 13% Cinsault, 7% Mourvèdre, 4% Carignan, 3% Grenache
Western Cape
South Africa
Produced and Bottled by Goats Do Roam Wine Company
14% Alcohol

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