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Morse Code Padthaway Shiraz 2009

Wandering around the wine shop the other day, I picked up a bottle of Morse Code Padthaway Shiraz 2009, just because I fancied the simple, modish-looking label. The back label narrative wasn’t all that tantalizing, the shelf description seemed rather generic, but nevertheless, I liked the label so I added it to my basket.

A few days later whilst listening to my mother on the phone sing the praises of a Mendoza Malbec she was enjoying; I remembered the Morse Code and popped it open. Purply red in colour, rich plum and oak aromas filled the glass. Tart cherry flavours emphasized the acidity, while round blueberry notes attempted to add some depth. The medium finish contained spicy black pepper notes and moderate traces of smooth oak. I found the acidic level to be harsh and distracting from the rather pleasantly pronounced tannins and dryness. I sealed the remainder as it was not an easy drinker. Luckily, 24 hours in a vacuum seal transformed its rough acidic nature into a much more agreeable glass with smooth articulated cherry flavours. Although my glass emptied quite quickly, I won’t be picking this up again as there are far more superior bottles available at this value price point.

100% Shiraz
Handcrafted by Henry’s Drive Vignerons
14.5% Alcohol
Enjoy now thru 2013

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