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Beast Wildebeest 2009

Mesa Grill is one of my most beloved restaurants. I make a trip to the city every couple of months just to make sure I don’t miss out on any seasonal menu items, such as the ginger chocolate pudding. I find myself daydreaming about the goat cheese fundido, crispy squash blossoms and mashed potatoes with green chili queso sauce in-between my visits. From birthdays to weddings to Rangers pre-game dinner and revelry, Mesa Grill is my go-to restaurant.  And the wine list is just as sensational and scrumptious.  In a Wine Spectator interview a couple of years back, Chef Bobby Flay discussed how it can be a challenge to pair his bold dishes with popular varietals. He’s heavily involved with American wineries, especially the smaller more artisanal ones, and has even had the honor of his own Cuvée being produced. In order to emphasize the regional American attitude of Mesa Grill his wine list there is derived solely from American wineries.  My heart goes a bit aflutter when I’m handed the list of wines that I would not normally have the opportunity to encounter. As I was beginning my evening with goat cheese fundido and rajas [a heavenly sauté of sweet, smoky-hot chilies, onions and cilantro] I voraciously selected a bold looking bottle ofBeast Wildebeest 2009. “Beast” is the limited second label of Buty Wines, and as they say is their “rare alter ego” which allows them the opportunity to explore intriguing new blends and varietals.
Super dark purple, opaque with bright ruby highlights, sumptuous aromas of vanilla and cedar swelled up from the glass. Bold tart cherry and sweet blackberry mingled with herbaceous notes of anise and tarragon in the robust, full body. The elongated finish resonated with chewy licorice, spicy ginger and black pepper. Exceptionally well balanced, spicy like a roasted ancho chili, fun sweet and jammy fruits, creamy and rich like vanilla pudding, this is a luscious, profound beast of a bottle.
45% Syrah, 40% Cabernet Sauvignon, 15% Malbec
Columbia Valley
14% Alcohol
$23 [average price]

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