Torremoron Ribera Del Duero Tempranillo 2008

I was rooting about in the Spanish section the other day at the wine shop and the label of the Torremoron Ribera Del Duero Tempranillo 2008 caught my eye. There was something reminiscent of a medieval type emblem on it that I enjoyed. The back label informed me that the winery is located in a town of 106 people and supports the majority of the families there, the price was favorable so it was added to my basket. 

While waiting for my pad Thai to cool off, I kept swishing the dullish garnet around in my glass trying to discover an aroma. The only scent I could ascertain was a vague cherry. The body was thin and delivered a flat, generic berry gauntness that left me hoping it would open up with strong fruitiness, but it never did. The short, tannic finish somehow added to the blandness of each sip. Overall, a very dreary bottle that I was unsuccessful with carrying through to its depletion.

100% Tempranillo
Ribera Del Duero
Estate Bottled
13% Alcohol

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