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Calea Nero d’Avola 2010

Typically when I go to one of my two favourite wine shops, I get mesmerized with the plethora of fun options and wander around for a quite a long time contemplating what bottles I’m going to take home. Therefore when I’m on a time schedule or a tighter then usual budget, I make a list of what I want to pick up in hopes of cutting down the amount of time/money I spend captivated in the wine shop. The other day my strategy was working quite well and I had nearly made it to the register un-sidetracked when I spotted sunny looking bottles displayed only in the box they were shipped in. They were not priced and did not have the usual wine shop shelf label of info. The winery itself did not feel the need to put any tasting notes, vineyard or grape info on the label either. I was slightly bothered by this total lack of data, but I love wine adventures AND it was a Nero d’Avola, I was sufficiently engrossed and immediately added it to my shopping basket. 
I popped open the Calea Nero d’Avola that very night while preparing a small assortment of cheeses for snacking at my fiancés hockey game. The purply garnet in my glass showed off aromas of blueberry and cherry.  Damp earthy notes rounded out snappy tart cherry flavours, whilst dense raisin plumped up and smoothed out the medium body. The acceptably lengthy finish began with mineral notes that integrated into spicy black pepper and leather overtones. Subtle rustic notes were emphasised by the jalapeños in my pepper jack cheese.  Simple, easy drinking and meant to be consumed young, I feel as though another year in the bottle will welcomely bring the spice and rustic nature to the forefront.

100% Nero D’Avola
Bottled by Caleo
13% Alcohol
Enjoy now through 2013

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