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Cusumano Nero d’Avola 2010

As I’ve stated previously, I’m in love with Nero d’Avola. I get distressed when I see the limited selection most wine shops have [at least in upstate NY]. So when I do happen to find a bottle, I always seize it. My local warehouse type wine shop actually had a handful of Nero d’Avola’s in the $10 range a couple of weeks ago, so I happily picked up the Cusumano Nero d’Avola 2010. Their wines are sourced from premium vineyard sites all over Sicily, and are produced at the Partinico (west of Palermo) based family winery by third generation winemakers, brothers Diego and Alberto Cusumano. 

I started baking one of my all time favourite potato dishes, Giada’s cheesy baked mashed potatoes, and I opened my bottle. I was charmed with the glass stopper. The smell of grape jam on toast emerging from the glass was delightful and made me even more eager for my potatoes. The beautiful purple colour served to emphasize the big fruity flavours of plum, summer strawberry and black cherry notes. Lightly smoky flavours of oak ambled around in every velvety, chewy full-bodied sip. The smooth finish was long, pleasantly tannic and conveyed lingering notes of warm cinnamon. Yummy cheesy potatoes and cool autumn nights crave this simple, but hearty and substantial bottle.

100% Nero d’Avola
Produced and Bottled by Cusumano S.R.L. SOC Agricola-Partinico
13.5% alcohol
Enjoy now thru 2013

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