Wisdom and urbanity from Sergio Esposito

“To drink wine is to form a relationship. That’s how I understand it, and to help my clients grasp that idea is part of my life’s passion. Many people drink wine and talk about cherries, berries, and tannins. They sip the wine, utter a few buzzwords, give the bottle a score and go on. This is nonsense. These people are missing the goal, for the goal is the experience itself. It’s not an empirical, categorical result; it’s the living, breathing, evanescent moment.

Drinking a wine is not unlike spending time with a person. With both people and wine, you understand that for better or worse, for a short duration or a long evening, you are stuck together. The time is finite, and you try to make the best of it and have a few nice moments. You decide how much of yourself you want to give to this wine, and the wine also offers itself up to you–or not. It’s a relationship, and like all relationships, some are better, stronger, more interesting, or more passionate than others.”
Sergio Esposito


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