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Barth René Grand Cru Marckrain Pinot Gris 2003

Admittedly I’m a red wine type of chic. Once in a blue moon tho I find myself with an occasion where white wine is the perfect choice. Basically whenever I don’t want to have purple wine teeth. Or when it’s ridiculously hot and humid. Or when there’s a high probability of me spilling my beverage all over myself, such as when tubing.  As these instances can occur quite unexpectedly, I always have a few bottles of white chilling in the fridge at all times.

The other day an entirely different rationale came up for enjoying a bottle of white; I wanted to make risotto. While my mushrooms, garlic and onions were frying, I opened a bottle of Barth René Alsace Grand Cru Marckrain Pinot Gris 2003. I usually fancy a French Pinot Gris over an Italian Pinot Grigio only because I enjoy the minerality and weightier body the Pinot Gris can have.  I poured about half a cup into my velvety risotto, and then poured myself a glass so I didn’t get bored with having to stir the risotto nonstop for the next 15 minutes.  I was greeted with the smell of apple blossoms, which was followed by flavours of summer apples, absolutely juicy and sweet.  Ripe pear aspects were rounded out by smoky honey fullness. The finish was clean and fruity with just the slightest bit of tartness that livened up all the sweet fruit flavours.  The floral and fruit elements brightened up my risotto, whilst the easygoing nature of the wine obliged me to polish it off.
100% Pinot Gris
12% Alcohol

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