Ludovicus Cellar Pinol 2009

So as Irish luck would have it, my first review is on a wine that I really didn’t enjoy. Which is always the danger when imbibing wines under $15. [Which is more or less why I’m sitting here with my fiancé watching the Yankees, writing this analysis and embarking on this blog journey of finding the proverbial needle in the wine haystack.]
The Ludovicus 2009 Cellar Pinol packs a 14% alcohol content, which I’ve learned has both it’s merits and downfalls [you can get a fantastic buzz, but sometimes your doused with way too much bitterness and/or acidity and/or headache].
 Being the well-conditioned art grad that I am, each bottle of wine that I pick up is due primarily to the artistic merits of the label. I loved the simplicity and sort of modernity that it had, yet the ugly orange nearly made me not want to investigate further [which clearly should have been a sign…] The back label had a plentiful amount of information that in addition to climate and soil data, promised me ripe berries, spicy vanilla, black pepper and a tobacco finish. And since my budget was $12, I was onboard.


I began my journey in the usual wine protocol that I’ve honed over the years> I open my bottle and take a few sips whilst cooking dinner. Rich Mahogany in colour, a heavy fruitiness was predominate and I was excited for the following spicy vanilla and black pepper. Instead, it fell rather flat and the tobacco finish I was left with was closer to a somewhat used ashtray. I was the instant beneficiary of acid reflux. This however did not stop me. [Obviously, I’m a trained professional.] Two glasses later, I agreeably discovered that my quinoa cakes with fresh thai basil pesto from my garden alleviated my acid reflux so I was able to enjoy the full, round fruitiness, and ignore the Marlboro Man after-taste.


The following evening, I went back for the remainder, [because I had employed my vacuum stainless steel wine saver on the bottle]. I poured my glass and whilst re-corking, somehow lost leverage and spilled nearly all that was left down the cabinet and myself. Which leads me to my final assessment of the Ludovicus; I wasn’t upset that my comfy jeans and floor drank the majority of what was left, yet I didn’t hesitate to finish off the small amount that had remained in the bottle either.

40% Garnacha, 20% Syrah, 15% Carinena, 15% Tempranillo,10% Merlot
Terra Alta

3 comments on “Ludovicus Cellar Pinol 2009

  1. I completely agree with you about picking wine for the label! If the label sucks I will not purchase. Speaking of wine, bevvies soon?!


  2. Exactly! They have to catch my eye in order for me to even pick the bottle up and assess. yes, we should enjoy bevvies in a swift fashion 🙂


  3. the label is what pulls you in!


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